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DURATIONS :   3 DAYS (OFF/ONLINE TRAINING  09.00   –   16.00  )

DESCRIPTION : Your IT Help desk is the center of your customer service team. It helps your business provide customer-centric service through automating and organizing their daily workflow. By doing correct IT Heldesk Management Practices and supplying employees with proper tools they need to quickly response and take actions for any issues and user questions, your company will creates a more powerful service cycle

TRAINING OBJECTIVES : This Course provide an overview of the typical knowledge and skills required,  without focusing on any one technology vendor or platform.

This course does assume the participants already has some technical knowledge that will be utilized in a Help Desk role. The focus of the course is on the high-level Management practices that are important when providing Help Desk support services, including customer service, IT Service Management and the technical activities that will be performed.

The course material also is based on the ITSM best practices

You learn Incident and Request classification, specific features of performing major Incident resolving. You learn and practice on creating Incident and Request models for certain types of user calls.

While Monitoring/Event management studies You learn the best practices of building-in monitoring tools in an IT service, types of events, and management of them.

Problem management is mostly an expert area. At the course students learn and practice best practices of expert analysis such as mind maps, Kepner Tregoe analysis, Five Whys, and others.

REQUIREMENTS : Junior experience at a Help desk/Service desk or other IT junior positions

Basic knowledge in IT management

PARTICIPANTS : - Service Desk/Help desk specialists

- Service/Help desk managers

- IT managers

- Business unit managers which closely collaborate with IT departmen

TRAINING TOPICS : IT Helpdesk Management Overview

What is IT Helpdesk Management

IT Helpdesk Vs IT Service Desk

IT Helpdek Hiring Management Practice

Hiring New Staff & Smart Hiring 

To DO List, Expectations, Technical Skills and Attributs

Have Others Check your List, Legally Complaint, Chart Review and Essentials

Create Job Description and Get the Word Out

Narrow your Application Pool, Prepare for the Interview and Resources

Know Who you are Talking To, Asking the Right Questions, About Discrimination

Open-ended, Relevant to the Position and the Individual & The Interview

Evaluation, In Review, Background Check, Extend the Offer & Steps in Hiring


Introduction and Definition of Topgrading

Definition of A-players, Best of the Rest and Appropriate Compensation

The Big Question, Implementation, Best Practices, Talent Review and Scorecards

Interview Process and Types of Interview

It Helpdesk Team Building

Working in a Team, Types of Team and Teamwork Success

Employee Involvement, Team Conflict and Team Leaders Role in Managing Conflict

Leadership, Learning to be a Leader, LEAD Model & What Sort of a Leader are You

Lead by Example and Management Process

How to Motivate, Coaching Staff and Coaching Skills

Working Together, Why is Training Needed and Contributing to the Team

Learning Organizations, Development Cycle and Performance Appraisals

Cross Training and Poor Management

Managing Your IT Helpdesk Team

Introduction, All About Money, and Reward and Recognition

The Cost, Factors, Challenging Goals and Clear Instruction

Meaningful Tasks, Feedback, Rewards and Incentives

No Single Rewards, Who Benefits and The Bottom Line

Performance Reviews and Avoidance

Tips for a Better Performance Review and Signs of Success

Retention of Quality, What can We Do, Research and Best Workplaces

Motivational Strategies, Rates, Most Important Attributes & Collecting Feedback

Ask, Cluster Surveys, Started Feedback, Stay and Exit Interview Survey

IT Service Management Principles

Introduction, Definition and Good Practice for ITSM?

Business, IT Alignment, Definition of Services and Process & the Generic Process

Function and Process Owner vs Service Owner

Service Lifecycle

IT Financial Management

Demand Management

Request Fulfillment

Access Management

Service Operations Process

INCIDENT Management & tasks

Problem management

Problem management assignment

Event management - Service monitoring and control

Serving user requests (RFS)

Develop a Request model

Selecting A Help Desk Tools

Importance of Supporting Technology, Common Features and Additional Features

Selection Process and Knowledge Management Integration

Workflow Management and Major Tool Vendors

IT Helpdesk Support Services

How to Properly Trouble Shoot PC Issues

How to Properly Trouble Shoot Printer Issues

Screen Sharing with Team Viewer

Active Directory Users and Computers Demostrated and explained

Introduction to Microsoft Outlook

Common Password Locations : Credential Manager

Common Password Locations : Google Chrome

Commong Password Locations : Wifi

What is the Internet

Basic Networking : IPconfig, Ping, Pathping

Next Recommendation  Training : 1. ITIL V.4

2. ISO 20000 IT Service Management (ITSM)

3. ICT Governance


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