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Technical Writing for Software / Application

DURATIONS :   4 DAYS (OFF/ONLINE TRAINING  09.00   –   16.00  )

DESCRIPTION : Is the ability to provide relevant information about using your software essential for your customers? Do you find yourself spending hours and hours trying to explain how to use the software? Or are you getting feedback from your clients that your documentation is hard to be followed, inconsistent or maybe even.... confusing? 

If you answered with "Yes!" to any of these questions and you are willing to invest the time and energy needed to go through this practical course then this course is for you!

A software technical writer creates documents to describe how to set up and use software products. Software technical writers make user guides, setup instructions, instruction manuals, online training material, release notes, new feature documents, how-to guides, and quick reference articles

TRAINING OBJECTIVES : This course is designed for beginner technical writers, usually students in IT, and covers the following subjects:

What is technical writing / writer all about?

What are the basics of Software technical writing?

Which are the main principles that you should follow to construct build your documentation?

Which are the common terms you will hear and use in the IT technical writing world?

How to write technical documentation using GitHub wiki? You will, later on, use this material for creating your portfolio that you will want to add to your CV when you apply for a technical writer job or promotion to a senior developer.

What is information architecture from a technical writing point of view?

REQUIREMENTS : You will need a PC or a laptop where you can develop content assignments or install particular software we will be using on trial basis in the course of the training 

PARTICIPANTS : - Software developers who want to gain practical knowledge on how to offer help for the users of software products

- Students who work on their software development projects and now struggle to create the documentation delivery for their app

- If you pursue career as a technical writer, developer, architect, manager or product owner

- Business analysts who want to know the basics of technical writing

- Technical Writers and Information Developers

TRAINING TOPICS : Application Technical Writer Overview

What is Technical Writing

Who is Doing Technical Writing

What is the Result from Technical Writing

The Job of Technical Writer

Types of Documentation

Functional Documentation

Functional Documentation in Application Documentation

Strategy for writing functional Documentation

Task- Oriented Documentation

Srategy for writing task-Oriented Documentation

What is Application Documentation

Technical Writers in the Application Development World

Technical Writing Deliverables for Application

Documentation in the Application Development World

Technical Writer in the Application Development Team

The Technical Writing Process

The Ultimate Purpose of the Technical Writer

Test Your Knowledge Documentation in the Application Development World

Writing Documentation Using GitHub Wiki

Overview - Sample Setup in GitHub

What is GitHub?

Why Writing in GitHub?

Documentation in GitHub

Markup Language in Wiki Pages

Set up Account in GitHub and Create a New Wiki Page

How to Create a Table in GitHub Wiki Using Markdown

How to Create an Image in GitHub Wiki using Markdown

How to Create a Link to a Mail Address in GitHub Wiki Using Markdown

How to Create a Table of Content (TOC) in GitHub Wiki Using Markdown

Style Guide In Technical Writing

How to Use a Style Guide in Technical Writing

What is Style Guide?

Why do we Needs Standards for Writing?

Sample Style Guides

Who Else Needs Rules for Writing?

Results from Using a Style Guide

Structure in Writing




Verb Choice Can or May?

Verb Choice Must/Must not/Should/Shouldn't/May

Active Voice and Present Tense


Consider in Addition

Use Tools!

UI Messages and Text on Screen

Introduction of Strurtured Writing

Structured Writing

Why Do We Need Structure in Writing?

Organizing Large Amounts of Content

Consistency in User Experience

Intuitive and Obvious User Experience

Ensuring Completeness of the Documentation

Targeting Content to Various Audiences

Coordinating Documentation Projects

Increase Understandability of the Documentation

Structured Writing Definition

Common Information Types

DITA XML - a Standard for Structured Writing

How to Structure in an Unstructured Writing Environment?

Structured Writing in Microsoft Word Environment

Details of the Topic Types in the MS Word Template

Structured Writing in GitHub Wiki

Details of the Topic Types in the GitHub Wiki Template

12 Principles of Technical Writing

Principles of Technical Writing

Principle #1 Decide Who are You Writing For

Principle #2 Identify the Information Needs

Principle #3 Decide on the Style

Principle #4 Decide Which Deliverables to Create

Principle #5 Decide Which Tools to Use

Principle #6 Define the Content Structure

Principle #7 Decide Which Information Channels to Use

Principle #8 Write the Documentation

Principle #9 Use Images and Video When Appropriate

Principle #10 Publish the First Version

Principle #11 Collect Feedback and Improve

Principle #12 Repeat!

Exercise on Applying the Principles in Documentation

Application Documentation Development using DITA XML (Oxygen Author)

What is DITA?

Who Defines DITA?

The DITA Specification

Overview of the Specification

Do You Need to Know the Specification by Heart?

Basics of Structured Writing

Understanding DITA Authoring Point of View

Understanding DITA Information Architect Point of View

How to Install the Application for This Section

Oxygen XML Author

Installing a Tool for Writing with DITA

End-to-end Demo

Exercise  Write a Sample Instruction

Exercise  Writing Documentation using Oxygen Author DITA CMS

Using Graphics & Images in Software Documentation

Why Graphics are Important?

When to Use Graphics in Application Documentation?

Types of Graphics in Application Documentation

Process Graphics

Architecture Graphics


Rules for Graphics in Technical Writing

Tools for Creating Graphics

Exercise Instructions

Infographic Exercise - Expected Result

Demo - Create Infographic Using Canva

Creating Graphics Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Demo Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Exercise - Creating Graphics Using Google Drive

Strategies and Technical Writing Information Archictecture

What is Information Architecture?

Who is an Information Architect and What Does an IA Do?

Why Should I Care About Information Architecture?

Information Architecture in Technical Writing

How to Apply Information Architecture Principles for the Content?

Structuring Data. Metadata and Taxonomies.

What is Metadata?

What is Taxonomy?

Starting the Classification and Engaging Stakeholders

Define Scenarios

Visualize It!

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