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UNITY 3D GAME ADVANCED : WORKING WITH FIREBASE , Hotline (Call/SMS/WA) :  0838-0838-0001

Syllabus Overview

Training yang membahas tingkatan lanjut dari pengembangan game 3D menggunakan UNITY 3D baik skala desktop ataupun mobile, dimana peserta mengetahui cara cara menyimpan informasi data game dari player ke dalam backend dengan bantuan firebase SDK, hal ini memungkinkan untuk pengembangan game skala jaringan (online)

Class Type : Training
Duration : 2 Days (09.00 – 17.00)
Venue / Price : Click Here ,
Registration : Click Here  (Save up to 20% for Early Bird Registration !)

Description :
Firebase is Google's mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality apps and grow your business

A dependable backend is a must-have for today's games. Giving users the ability to log in and save and retrieve player data can make or break a community-oriented game. The goal of this course is to build a flexible and scalable networking solution, which can be reused in any of your future games, using Unity and Google Firebase. Purnamaacademy’ Instructor starts with an overview of the Firebase Authentication and Realtime Database modules and the Firebase SDK. He shows how to script some basic functionality for logging in and registering users, and progresses to more complex functions like saving and fetching data, waiting for responses while providing good visual feedback, and displaying real-time data in the Unity GUI. By following along, you will understand how to integrate Firebase with Unity, save and fetch user data in a game scene, and bundle your work in asset packages that can be used in many other Unity projects.

Topics include:
·         Working with Firebase
·         Adding signup and login functionality
·         Building a player class
·         Saving data
·         Retrieving data
·         Displaying data in the Unity GUI
·         Making a reusable asset package for other Unity project

*  You must have Unity 3D game experience skill to follow this course
Participants :  (Game Developer, Android Game Developer, Public)

Speaker  : Purnama Academy Trainer

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