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ISACA CGEIT Exam Preparation Training

 CGEIT Training and Certification Syllabus

Training Provider : Purnama Academy (0838-0838-0001)

Training Description: The Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) training, provided by ISACA, is designed for professionals engaged in the management and implementation of enterprise IT governance.

Training Objectives:

  • Test and measure individual capabilities in managing and overseeing enterprise IT governance to achieve organizational goals.
  • Provide in-depth knowledge of key aspects of enterprise IT governance.

Training Prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of IT governance concepts.
  • Familiarity with enterprise-level IT management.

Training Target Participant Roles: Professionals responsible for:

  • IT Governance Management
  • Implementation of Enterprise IT Governance

Training Durations: 4 days

Training Course Outline:

Day 1-2: Introduction to CGEIT and ISACA

  • Overview of CGEIT certification and its significance.
  • Understanding the role of ISACA in setting enterprise IT governance standards.

Day 3: CGEIT Exam Domains 1 & 2

  • Domain 1: Governance of Enterprise IT.
  • Domain 2: IT Resources.

Day 4: CGEIT Exam Domains 3 & 4, Exam Preparation Strategies & Professional Ethics

  • Domain 3: Benefits Realization.
  • Domain 4: Risk Optimization.
  • Strategies for effective exam preparation.
  • Overview of ethical considerations in enterprise IT governance.

Exam Prerequisites:

  • Fulfillment of either work experience or education and experience combination requirements.

Exam Durations:

  • Four hours.

Exam Number of Questions:

  • 150 multiple-choice questions.

Exam Questions Type:

  • Multiple-choice questions with four options. Some questions may require selecting more than one correct answer. The exam may also include case studies to test analytical and decision-making skills.

Exam Cost:

  • Varied based on ISACA membership status and location, typically ranging from $575 to $760.

Exam Registration Procedures:

  1. Visit Official ISACA Website:

    • Account creation for registration.
    • Selection of exam schedule and location preferences.
  2. Optional Membership:

    • Consideration of ISACA membership for potential discounts.
  3. Complete Registration Form:

    • Filling out accurate and complete registration information.
    • Choosing a suitable payment method.
  4. Verification and Confirmation:

    • Verification of entered information before confirming registration.
    • Completion of payment as per provided instructions.

Exam Requirements:

  • Meeting either work experience or education and experience combination requirements.

Exam Preparation Tips:

  1. Understand Exam Format:

    • Familiarization with the number of questions, time allocation, and question types.
  2. Focus on Exam Domains:

    • Concentration on each of the four domains for a thorough understanding.
  3. Plan Adequate Preparation Time:

    • Commencement of preparation well in advance to allow for review and stress reduction.
  4. Utilize Official Resources:

    • Utilization of official ISACA guides and resources for comprehensive preparation.
  5. Practice with Sample Questions:

    • Use of practice questions and simulation exams to test understanding and get acquainted with the format.
  6. Create Notes and Summaries:

    • Development of summaries and notes for key concepts to aid understanding.
  7. Consider Training Courses:

    • Enrollment in CGEIT preparation courses conducted by official training providers or experienced instructors.
  8. Engage with the CGEIT Community:

    • Participation in forums or communities to exchange information, strategies, and experiences with fellow exam takers.
  9. Practice Time Management:

    • Development of good time management skills during the exam, avoiding spending too much time on a single question.
  10. Learn Professional Ethics:

    • Understanding of professional ethics related to enterprise IT governance practices.


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