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IBM Cognos Analytics Silabus , Jadwal Training, Tempat Pelatihan

Training Syllabus IBM Cognos Analytics Fundamental in Purnama Academy (IT & Management Training), Please call/whatsapp to : 0838-0838-0001 for details and registration, Purnama Academy menyediakan metode pelatihan IBM Cognos Analytics secara online, offline (Tatap muka) ataupun inhouse training di Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Surabaya, Yogya dan seluruh kota di indonesia

IBM Cognos Analytics Fundamental


Durations : 4 Days (09.00 – 16.00)

Method     : Online/ Offline/ Inhouse Training


The latest version of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is Cognos Analytics and it brings IBM right back into the game against new-age competitors such as QlikView and Tableau. This sleek, next-generation, unified tool provides you with a fast, intent-driven dashboard and report-authoring interface on top of the strong foundation that IBM Cognos has provided over decades.

The highlights of this Learning Path are
Explore Cognos and it’s high level architecture
Augment enterprise data with your offline data to produce stunning dashboards and presentations without IT costs
Learn to secure your data with advanced filters


What you'll learn

Learn to build stunning Dashboards with Cognos Analytics
Learn how and when to use visualization
Create tabbed dashboards and stories using the new Dashboard tool of Cognos
Master the full-fledged Report Authoring tool
Understand how a dashboard is different from a report, and when to use both
Understand the Reporting Interface
Implement crosstabs and SQL queries


-      Basic knowledge of data and relationship between variety of data

-      IBM Cognos Analytics  CloudTrial Account

Who this course is for

This Learning Path is targeted at
Accountants, managers, controllers, sales heads, and so on will find this Learning Path useful for their day to day work and career progression
Developers, business analysts, testers, product owners of reporting system / data warehouse / MIS can use Cognos Analytics (Cognos) to author dashboards and stories within IT department


Course content

Day 1



·         IBM Cognos Analytics Overview

·         Reports Versus Dashboards

·         Detailed Properties of Visualizations

·         Drill-Through to Another Report

·         Master-Detail Relationship/Repeaters

·         Case Study


·         Opening the Report Interface

·         Adding Data

·         Adding Report Pages and Prompt Pages

·         Using Toolbox

·         Crosstab in Detail

·         Case Study Continue

Day 2


·         Nested Crosstab

·         Discontinuous Crosstab

·         Examining and Overriding SQL Queries

·         Crosstabs and SQL Queries

·         Case Study Continue


Day 3

·         Populating Values in Prompt Control

·         Using Prompt Parameters

·         Mandatory and Optional Prompts

·         Cascading Prompt

·         Prompts on Report Page

·         Case Study Continue



·         Difference between Charts and Extensible Visualizations

·         Heatmap Visualization

·         Gauge Control

·         Sparkline

·         Case Study Continue


Day 4

·         Container within Container

·         Drill-Through to Another Report (Drill-Through Links)

·         Finishing Touches

·         Drill-Through and Master-Detail Relationship

·         Case Study Final


Trainer : Purnama Academy Trainer

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