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Duration    :    2 Day (09-00 – 15.00)
Description    :    What are the skills and capabilities required to succeed as an IT project manager?
The evidence suggests that the success rate for IT projects is poor  - more than half of projects are challenged in some aspect, whether in terms of cost, time or the quality of what is delivered.
Outstanding IT project managers understand that, in the real world, successful IT projects isn't just about crafting a project plan - it's about assessing the ROI of projects, defining a clear scope, estimating in a rational manner, building a high-performance team, managing stakeholder expectations, and more.
This course is designed for those involved in managing IT projects.  Unlike PMP, this course is specific to IT projects, which have their own distinct set of complexities.
The course is broken down into distinct, easy to digest modules:
•    Develop a project mindset
•    Prepare a project proposal
•    Manage project scope and requirements
•    Plan and schedule projects
•    Estimate projects in a rational manner
•    Manage stakeholder expectations
•    Conduct agile projects
•    Build a high-performance project team
•    Analyse project risk
•    Manage a project portfolio
Goals & Values        •    This Purnama Academy training topic will give you the understanding of : Develop a project mindset, Prepare a project proposal, Manage project scope and requirement, Plan and schedule projects, Estimate projects in a rational manner, Manage agile projects, Build a high-performance team, Analyse project risk, Manage a project portfolio

Participants    :    •    IT project managers
•    Individuals preparing to take on an IT project manager role
•    IT professionals seeking to enhance their project management skills

Prerequisites    :    At least has 1 year in  IT project experience
Details    :    IT Project Management Review
Develop a project mindset  
•    Diversity of IT projects

•    Project characteristics and the project goal

•    Essential concepts in project management

•    What is project management?

•    Project success triple constraints and project outcomes

•    Project trade-offs

•    Project lifecycle

•    Qualities of a project manager

Prepare a project proposal  
•    Writing a project proposal

•    Bedenk's project canvas

•    Getting buy-in

Manage project scoping and requirements  
•    Importance of scope

•    Project versus product scope

•    Visualising scope

•    Directional versus deliverable requirements

•    Requirements as a major pain point

•    Fixing requirements later is more expensive

•    The requirements process  activities

•    Two methods wire-framing and competitive benchmarking

•    Prioritising requirements using MOSCOW and priority matrix

•    Evaluating requirements in a SMART way

Plan and schedule projects  
•    Introduction to project planning

•    Decomposition and breakdown structures

•    Creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

•    Responsibilty matrix

•    Examining Project dependencies

•    Gantt and PERT charts

•    Evaluating project plans

Estimate projects in a rational manner  
•    What is estimation?

•    Parkinson's law

•    Estimation methods

•    Bias in estimation

•    Delphi method

•    Cone of uncertainty

•    -point estimation

Manage agile projects  
•    Backwards versus forwards planning

•    Shift towards agile systems

•     agile principles

•    Introduction to SCRUM

•    Traditional versus agile approach

•    Challenges with agile

•    Practical advice for agile

Build a high-performance project team  
•    Group versus team

•    High-performance vs. low-performance teams

•    Tuckman model of team development

•    Belbin's Team Inventory (BTI)

•    Team chemistry

•    Creating a positive team culture

•    Negativity in the workplace

•    Building a team of 'A' players

Analyse project risk  
•    All projects have risk

•    Mckinsey-Oxford study in project failure

•    The risk management process

•    The risk assessment matrix

•    Four strategies for managing risk

•    Project feasibility

•    Tools for managing risk - prototyping, pilot project and descoping

Managing a project portfolio  
•    Need for project portfolio management (PPM)

•     layers - portfolio, programme and projects

•    -step process for PPM

•    Project selection

•    Calculating net present value (NPV)

•    Project selection matrix

•    Benefits of PPM




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