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Training Moodle E-Learning

Moodle 3.x  Open-Source Learning Management

 Durasi : 4 Days (09.00-16.00)


What you'll learn

·         Conducted by Purnama Academy Trainer , You will learn how to create simple and interactive learning elements of a distance course in the free Moodle system and implement it in your educational activities.


·         The course is intended for a wide range of audiences and does not require special skills. All you need is to be a confident user of a personal computer, as well as to possess initial theoretical knowledge in the field of distance course design.



·         Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments

·         In the course of studying this course, you will learn how to design and develop a distance learning course in the free Moodle distance learning system.

·         The course consists of several sections. In the first section, we will learn about Moodle interfaces, learn how to create a course and learn the main system resources - a file, a folder, a hyperlink, etc. The second section introduces the lecture training element and the main techniques for creating it: adding a web page, tests, clusters. The third section is devoted to the study of the mechanism of adding tests. In addition, in this section we familiarize ourselves with the "task" and "seminar" training elements. The fourth section continues acquaintance with other educational elements of Moodle - forum, chat, glossary and several others. The fifth, final section is devoted to the administration of Moodle. It covers issues related to user registration, backup, ftp, etc.


Who this course is for:

·         The course is suitable for innovative teachers who would like to introduce distance technologies in their educational activities, managers of internal corporate training, students who have chosen the topic of distance learning.

Course content :


Moodle System Overview

How to start working for free with Moodle


First steps in Moodle

Adding Moodle Resources

Navigation in Moodle 

Creating a category and course in Moodle 

Adding hyperlinks to Moodle 

Resource and Section Management in Moodle 

How to add a web page in Moodle 

Work with Html-editor in Moodle Insert media

How to add a file and folder in Moodle 

About the resource "Book" in Moodle 

The "explanation" in the course Moodle 


How to add the element "Lecture" in Moodle

General installation lecture Moodle 

Adding a page to a Moodle  lecture

How to add test items to the Moodle  lecturePart

Clusters in Moodle 

Adding tests and assignments in Moodle

General test settings in Moodle 

Tests like "True-Wrong in Moodle 

Multiple choice test items in Moodle 

Test items of the "Compliance" and "Sequence" types in Moodle

Test tasks like "Short answer" in Moodle 

Test tasks like "Essay" in Moodle

Test tasks like "Attached answers" in Moodle

Test tasks "Choice of missing words" and "Dragging to text"

Test task "Drag to the image"

DescriptionQuestion management in Moodle  test

How to create random (thematic) tests in Moodle 

Moodle Quest 

How to work with activit "Seminar" in Moodle 


Other learning elements in Moodle

Glossary in Moodle 

Moodle  Database

Wiki in Moodle 

Forum and chat in Moodle 

How to add IMS Content Package and SCORM in Moodle 

Profiles and polls in Moodle 

Administration System Moodle

Moodle  default course settings

Assigning Roles in Moodle 

Features of registration in the Moodle  system

Bulk user upload + group posting (Moodle )

How to work on ftp in Moodle  version

Moodle Backup 

Notifications in Moodle 

Activation and resource settings in Moodle  by default

Bulk loading of courses (moodle .)

Cloud technology and Moodle

Moodle and Google Drive


Literature about Moodle

ELearning tools in your professional activities
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