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Durations : 5 Days (09.00 – 16.00 Wib)

Description :

Dynamics AX is a piece of business software made by Microsoft. It’s an enterprise resource management—or ERP—program that helps businesses manage the back-end operations that keep it running on a day-to-day basis.
Dynamics AX covers areas like business intelligence, warehouse management, financial management, retail and e-commerce, inventory management, project management, service management, human resources, manufacturing, and distribution. Although it doesn’t boast all the features of a full CRM, it also has some sales and marketing capabilities too.
Dynamics AX is part of the Microsoft Dynamics suite, which contains both ERP and CRM software (which Microsoft now refers to as “apps”).
Originally launched in 2003, the Dynamics suite was made up of five products: Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP, and Dynamics SL, all ERP software; and Dynamics CRM, Microsoft’s customer relationship management software. Purnama Academy training center provides training of Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP & CRM Fundamental , Technical programming and Advanced level , contact our sales team

Objectives :

Purnama Academy Students will  understand, learn and know how to operate and setup Dynamics AX Core Modules

Participants :
·         Finance Manager & Staff
·         Sales Manager & Staff
·         Productions Manager & Staff
·         Procurement Staff
·         Dynamicx AX Technical Developer
·         IT Staff

 Prerequisites :
-       Basic Knowledge of Business Process Model & Workflow
-       Computer User Knowledge
-       Dynamics AX Software Installed

Details Training Dynamics AX :

·         Overview  & Introductions of Dynamics AX Software & Modules
·         General Ledger – ledger, sales tax, currency, and fixed assets features
·         Bank Management – receives and pays cash
·         Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – business relations contact and maintenance (customers, vendors, and leads)
·         Accounts Receivable – order entry, shipping, and invoicing
·         Accounts Payable – purchase orders, goods received into inventory
·         Inventory Management – inventory management and valuation
·         Master Planning (resources) – purchase and production planning
·         Production – bills of materials, manufacturing tracking
·         Product Builder – product mode creation and maintenance
·         Human Resources – employee information
·         Project Management Accounting – projects creation and tracking (primarily from an accounting perspective)
·         Basic – data configuration
·         Administration Module – system configuration
·         Procurement and Sourcing
·         Sales and Marketing
·         Store, manage, and interpret data
·         Call Center - employees take orders over the phone and are able to create sales orders
·         Transportation Management
·         Warehouse Management

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